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Web Design Philosophy
Nexus Enterprises starts each Web design project with an eye towards the goals of the site as well as the target market. We then work to create a clean-looking Web site that is easy to navigate and sends the right message to your customers.
Located in Toledo, OH, Nexus Enterprises prefers to work with customers within a 2 -3 hour drive of Northwest Ohio in order to maintain close personal contact. However, customers from around the world are welcome to contact us for a free consultation.
Web Site Design Technology
Nexus Enterprises works hard to stay on top of the Web design technology curve. All of the latest Web technologies are evaluated to determine which offer the most flexibility and features for our customers and their Web sites. We utilize HTML, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Flash (with Action Script), XML, DHTML and more to create a Web site that meets your needs.
Web Site Pricing
Our Web design prices are among the most reasonable in the Toledo area. We work within your budget to deliver the best site possible. Our maintenance fees are reasonable - many of our sites offer content that is editable by our customers. We believe that license fees are unethical and therefore do not charge them. Why should you pay a recurring monthly charge for work that is already completed?
Price per page for small sites is typically about $100.
Price per page for larger sites is typically $75 or less. This can vary depending on the amount of database interactivity, number and complexity of forms, and graphic complexity.

Professional Web Design and Programming

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